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Please note: PT is currently available in California only.


  • Comprehensive Evaluation:

A full assessment of general cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and pulmonary fitness. Dr. Jen works to identify particular fitness deficiencies, as well as posture assessment, fall risk, and dietary recommendations to help put you on track to a healthier future.


  • Evaluation (Specific Condition):

A comprehensive evaluation of a specific injury, complaint, or disease. Start treatment at the first onset of symptoms for the fastest results, you do not need a doctor's referral first.


  • Concierge Treatment:

Maximize both convenience and long-term results with therapy outside of the clinic! Receive quality, evidence-based physical therapy in the comfort of your own home, between meetings at the office, at your gym, or on your favorite hiking trail.


  • Aquatic Treatment:

Aquatic therapy helps minimize pain, promotes faster recovery, improves balance, mobilizes fluids in tissue, and reduces pressure on your joints. You do not need to know how to swim to receive effective treatment.


  • Annual Check-up:

Like dental check-ups or physical exams, it is important to visit your physical therapist for an annual evaluation to track age-related changes affecting your health and physical function. This will help identify potential problem areas, and can help inform doctors as they direct your healthcare.


  • Lifestyle Renewal Program:

This fully-customized, six-week program is a powerful step toward living a healthier life. It includes two weekly visits, home and office ergonomic evaluations, customized exercise training, footwear recommendations, nutritional education, as well as tips to improve sleep and reduce risk factors for many common diseases. A written report of your progress, exercise program, and recommendations be provided upon completion.


  • Annual Membership:

Includes two semi-annual evaluations; twenty-four treatments; fully customized exercise program; nutrition, footwear, and lifestyle recommendations; and a book of your personal goals and recommendations for reference and to share with your doctor.


All services delivered by telehealth until further notice. In-person services will resume soon.

Private and small group aquatic fitness classes available by appointment in San Jose and Santa Cruz.

Ever wonder how your health compares to others in your age group? 


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