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"Dr. Jen is great! I just adore her, she is compassionate, kind and professional and has literally changed my life, and turned me into someone who enjoys exercising. It's a miracle!"


- LJ 2019

"Best physical therapist I have had!"


- SP 2020

"Dr. Jen is the “gold standard” in physical therapy, she is “platinum” to me. Her educational qualifications are impeccable and her ethics are above reproach.

I have been using & continue to use, Dr. Jen’s services/treatments for the last four years in the following three areas:

As a personalized trainer who came to my home & designed a care plan to improve my health & prepare me for difficult hikes & adventures! She even came on hikes with me! (see photos below)


As a physical therapist, who enhanced my rehab both at home, outdoor settings & in the pool, after I had a stroke, surgery for a knee replacement and exercises for issues related to arthritis & spinal stenosis.

As the ongoing instructor of my Aqua Aerobics class, she also goes out of her way for me & others to provide regular exercise including individual recommendations.

Dr. Jen is always patient, kind & generous in spirit & action!

She is terrific! I can highly recommend her services to everyone.

Thank you Dr. Jen, you are an amazing person & I am most grateful to you as a therapist & a friend."

-BAM 2019

"She is the best! Works as hard as you do and accommodates your schedule very well. She knows what she is doing and is extremely professional without losing the bedside manner. I had seen 5 other physical therapists none were as good as Jennifer! She really cares about you getting better and puts in a ton of extra work to get you where you want to be, I would give her 6 stars if I could and if you want the best then Jennifer is the physical therapist you have been looking for."

- SA 2017

"I am happy to be the first one to review Dr. Jennifer Sylvester and share the amazing experience I have had working with her.  Dr. Jen started helping me after my second lumbar fusion procedure - the first one had failed and left me with severe gait, pain, range of motion and strength problems.  I have been to many physical therapists before and Dr. Jen Stands out for several significant reasons:


1) She cares, takes the time to understand you as a whole person, and recommends a therapy/lifestyle routine to assist with the healing process;


2) She is invested in seeing you get better.  She is incredibly generous with her time, and takes the time necessary during your session to make sure you get the care you need;


3) she will come to your home, office or gym for your therapy sessions, gait analysis and even ergonomic assessments - she even went shoe shopping with me to find the right shoe for my gait;


4) She is patient, starts slowly and progresses you at an appropriate and safe pace.  Dr. Jen is truly concierge executive level care - the only drawback is that she doesn't bill insurance.  I don't mind this financial issue at all given the outstanding, personally created and caring services of Dr. Jen. 


If you have the resources, run (if you can), limp or walk over to Dr. Jen - you will simply not find anyone better!"

- PV 2017

"I’ve had personal PT from Dr. Jen, taken her water fitness classes and land based classes for many years. She is professional and empathetic, and doesn’t treat you like a healthy 20 year old, as many PT’s do.

She finds YOUR level of ability and encourages you to improve it by demonstrating the moves and explaining what you should and shouldn’t be feeling.

I highly recommend Dr. Jen!

Thanks to the pandemic, I cannot attend Dr. Jen’s in person classes, but have been REALLY enjoying her online classes. They are helping me retain my fitness level and giving my mental health a huge boost. Thank you, Dr. Jen!"

-    LE 2020

"Fantastic Physical therapist, personal trainer & educator."

-    BM 2020

"I took a virtual "Core and More" class with Dr. Jennifer Sylvester, and it was the best instruction I have ever experienced in any exercise class.  Dr. Jen calmly talked you through each position, explaining the muscles and what benefits your body was experiencing. The pace was perfect. She demonstrated first, then did the practice along with you, counting and reminding you to breathe. I enjoyed the session and was inspired to continue with her classes.  Since I have back issues, I look forward to also working with her one-on-one so she can meet my individual needs. In this day and age, it is good to take care of yourself.  Dr. Jen offers that experience with compassion."

- SS 2020

"Dr. Jen always listens and answers questions. She finds modifications if certain movements are troublesome. I’ve been taking classes from her for five years. Wouldn’t change a thing!"

-    Anonymous 2019

"Dr. Jen a very wonderful leader. She shows interest in the individual students. It’s so wonderful to have someone be interested in everyone."

-     FE 2019

"My husband and I have been attending the ‘Sit or Stand Fitness*’ class approximately 1 year. We were impressed from the very first class by Dr Jen’s professional and caring attitude. She is aware of each person’s strengths and works with those who need additional attention. Very satisfied!"

-    GS 2018

"Dr. Jen teaches our water aerobics class and a Core and More class at Timpany Center.  She is fantastic.  First of all, she's a wonderful teacher and understands the needs of her, shall we say, "mature" students.  Her classes are designed to help seniors improve both physically and mentally: to become stronger, more limber, less likely to fall, and eating healthy.  Her classes tend to fill up fast as they are so popular.  Her vast background and education in physical therapy , along with her wonderful interpersonal skills, is a winning combination.   I guarantee you will greatly benefit from taking her classes, and you'll have a lot of fun in the process."

- NL 2017

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